How to store matcha tea?

store matcha tea

Do you need to store matcha tea for a long time?

Do you wish to know when your matcha tea is not fresh anymore?

Many matcha tea drinkers are bogged down with the same questions.

I will address these two hot and burning questions in this article, in about the same time that you need to make a hot cup of the tea.

How to tell when matcha is fresh?

Fresh matcha should be a vibrant green and smell slightly vegetal. Different varieties of matcha vary widely in color and in smell.

While old matcha tea will not harm you, you will see a difference in taste and it will feel duller and less vibrant.

If matcha tea powder has a slightly dusty or hay-like smell, it is not very fresh. This is a sign that the matcha has not been stored properly. You can however still use it, if you wish.

What is the best way to store matcha?

You may be aware that Matcha does not like

  • heat,
  • air, and
  • light.

Once the tea is ground, the life of matcha tea powder is 1 year or a max of 2 years. This is only for an unopened bag. If you have opened the bag, then you should use matcha within a max of 2 months.

Matcha should be stored in a sealed bag or in an airtight container. It should be placed in a cool, dark place. You can even store in a refrigerator.

If properly stored, your bag of Matcha tea powder should last about two months in your fridge before it starts to become less fresh.

It is very important to store Matcha properly. This is key to enabling the tea’s taste, color, umami content, frothability, and health properties.

How to travel with matcha?

If matcha is best kept in a cool, dry place like a refrigerator, how can you even travel with this tea?

You can carry your matcha tea when you travel, if you ensure that it does not get affected by light and moisture. Keep the matcha tea in a sealed bag and hide it away in a dark bag.

Matcha does not get spoilt as we discussed above. It just becomes a little less fresh. So if your travel plans are less than two weeks, feel free to carry the matcha bag with you to enjoy to the tea. Everywhere you go, always take the matcha, take the matcha with you.