How Often Should You Drink Detox Water

How often should you drink detox water

Detox water can also be termed as fruit infused or flavored water. The fruits, herbs or vegetables used here must be fresh, and thus rich in nutrients. It’s easy to prepare it at home using either warm or cold water. After cleaning your herb, fruit or vegetable chop it into pieces, put it in a glass and add water. To speed up the process you can crush them before drenching them in water.

Is there a Daily Recommended Dosage?

Due to the immense potential benefits, the use of detox water in cleansing the body has drawn the interests of many people. In making such a drink, most people are keen on the type of fruits to use, their freshness and how long the infused water stays fresh.

However in addition to the perfect ingredients, the frequency and therefore the quantity of detox water to use also matters. Everyone who subscribes to detox water as part of his diet hopes for the best results. Did you know that drinking too much water may be harmful to the body?

So how often should you drink detox water?

What’s the daily recommended quantity of the fluid?

The answer to the two questions rests on different factors. It varies from individual to individual based on the ingredients used and the lifestyle an individual subscribes to.

One major reason for used infused water is to flash out the toxic substances and also stay hydrated. Thus to find out how often one should frequently drink the fruit flavored water, here is the bigger picture.

Factors Determining your Infused Water Intake

The fact is there isn’t one preset detox water requirement that fits everyone. It varies from one group of individuals and the other. Thus it is easier to elaborate on each group’s requirement separately.

Remember the question of detox water intake frequency is correlated to the amount of water needed too in the body. Here is an analysis of each group’s requirement;

6 to 8 glasses if you are inactive

When you consider the energy and the water required by active adults to inactive ones, the inactive group requires lower levels of energy.Similarly, the detox water amount required by such group isn’t that high but just the average amount. Such types of people do not engage much in vigorous activities so as to lose much water. As such most people agree to about six to eight glasses daily intake.

However, the fluid intake time should be spread out at regular intervals throughout the day. So as to ensure to that you acquire a variety of vitamins or nutrients, vary the ingredients each time.

8 to 12 glasses if you are active

How often should you drink Detox Water - Active Person

The active group refers to those individuals that often take part in regular vigorous activities. The best example would be individuals exercising to keep fit or just as a hobby. Consequently, such a group must drink detox water frequently to realize optimum results.

But if you are exercising moderately, roughly 8 to 12 glasses of fruit flavored water should be sufficient.But like in the case for the sedentary group, the ingredients used in constituting the detox water is of prime importance.

12 to 15 glasses if you are a sportsperson

The frequency with which athletes should take fruit infused water is incomparable to the previously discussed group.Unlike the active or the inactive group which mainly consume detox water to improve their health status, athletes aim at improving on precise skills. For instance, it could be for endurance in a marathon race or even speeding up the recovery following an injury.

As such how often the sportsmen the fluid varies with their target.

In addition, their training location also determines the amount of fluid they require. For instance, at lower altitudes, the body sweats often. Consequently, more fluids are needed to replace the lost ones. Such athletes, cyclists or swimmers require detox water more often. The daily intake for such group should be about 12 to 15 glasses.

On the other hand, weightlifters do not require such a frequent intake of the liquid; about 10 or 11 glasses would be sufficient.

So How Often Should You Drink Detox Water?

Having highlighted the daily requirements we can go ahead to talk on when and how often to drink detox water.

Here is how you can spread out that daily recommended dose;

You should drink detox water:

The first thing in the morning when you get up

How often should you drink detox water - In the morning

Before you start your activities in the morning, wake up and grab a glass of the drink. Even during the sleep time at night, your body’s metabolism doesn’t stop. Thus the water you drink in the morning will flow through your circulatory system then flash out the waste and other free radicals formed from the night’s metabolic activities.




Just before a meal

Another opportune time to grab the drink is shortly before taking a meal. It prepares your body for the forthcoming food. First, it awakens the taste buds. Secondly, that fluid keeps your stomach lining moist such that you won’t feel uncomfortable after consuming the acidic food. Moreover, while the detox water flows through your mouth, it sweeps the previous food remains. Hence it leaves behind the superior taste in your mouth, making you look forward eagerly to the meal.

Whenever you feel hungry

At times you might feel hungry in between the meals. Most individuals respond to such feelings by grabbing snacks. However sometimes, it could just be that your body is dehydrated, and hence craves for water. So when hunger calls, first pour down your throat cool detox water.

Moreover drinking fruit flavored water limits your calorie intake, which is important during the weight loss diet.

Just before and after a workout

The environmental factors and your body’s hydration level will dictate how much water to take before an exercise. It’s important that the body keeps the right amount of water in extremely low or high-temperature surroundings. The exercises will force out sweats and urine from your body. The sweats produced will be proportional to the exercise’s intensity and the environmental conditions. Drinking the fruit infused water ensures that your body stays hydrated.

When you feel tired

One of the sure signs of dehydration is fatigue.Thus, when you feel tired, drink one or two glasses of detox water. The nutrients will give you the energy boost much needed by the body then. Moreover, the transportation of water to other body parts is very fast.

When you wake up night

How often should you drink detox water - at night

Have you at one time woken up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty? Then you understand why it’s necessary to keep some detox water by your bedside at night. When you wake up feeling thirsty, you will find the drink within your reach.

When you fall ill

One way of removing toxins out of the body is through urination or vomiting. So when you fall sick, it’s important to drink more water and soup. In addition, a rise in body temperature during such times also calls for drinking more water.


Generally, the frequency at which one has to gulp detox water depends on various factors. Hopefully, I have covered the major factors for you to consider when you drink detox water. 

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